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The Femme essential

Hi, I’m Caroline!

Welcome to the femme essential! I am here to bring you all the essentials for skincare, body wellness, and life.

I live in Atlanta with my husband and perfect pups, just making life happen one step at a time. I am a complex accounting consultant by day and a skincare obsessor by night {and early morning ;)}. I love chicken tenders, sippin on champs, all things skincare, and a good wellness or lifestyle hack. I am a try {almost} anything once kind of girl and I’ll be sure to tell you alllll about it.

How TFE was created

I have been infatuated with skincare most of my life and over the last few years I started researching and learning on a daily basis. I became obsessed with understanding the ins and outs of products and the science behind the ingredients and I realized, I need to share this with the world! So that is why I created TFE.

TFE is here to bring you the information, backed by lots of research. I am not a skincare professional, but I have put in the work so you don’t have to! If you love skincare and learning how things really work, but in a fun way, then I think we will be great friends 🙂

My goal is to share all of my favorite and essential tips to help you glow, grow, and live your best life.

the femme essential

Where to begin

Whether you are new to the skincare game or are looking to expand your knowledge, I am so happy you came to visit!

Getting to know your skin type will build the foundation for your skincare routine. Whether you want a 3 step or 10 step routine, building this base will set you up for the best skin of your life!

Start here – Your Skin Type: How to Identify and Care for it Properly. Then go from there! If you want to learn more about using specific ingredients in your routine or you want to explore bigger topics, TFE has a post (or 3) for you!

Want to learn more? Be sure to follow TFE on instagram @thefemmeessential for more details on my day to day faves or comment with your questions and requests. Feel free to send me a message here for any questions, post requests, or just to say hi! I would love to connect with you!

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